About Us


Our Leadership

Global Wines, LLC., a Votto Vines Company, has been a key player in the distribution of wines sourced from famous European vinicultural regions; areas that are deeply rooted in culture and history.

With the help of our senior leadership team at Votto Vines Company, we continue to grow in size and sheer distribution capacity and capability.

Votto Vines is family-operated by executives from diverse professional backgrounds.


Wine Portfolio Team

Portfolio Team & International Business Development

Global Wines’ wine portfolio team vary from individuals from all over the world which are famous for world-class prestigious wines.

The wine portfolio team works with all of our suppliers to masterfully craft each, individual varietal blend that Global Wines imports. The strong partnership that our teams and Global Wines have cultivated with its partner suppliers have enabled us to be extremely involved in the wine importing process; from the production of wine, to the ownership of the packaging.



MarketingMarketing & Branding

Global Wines is unique in that we are not only an importer of exclusive, Estate label wines, but we hold an in-house branding department as well. The Global Wines marketing team works with the wine portfolio team and sales team, to gain a full understanding of the market demands.

From brainstorming concepts to focus group sessions, the Global Wines marketing team is able to design and develop labels that fall in line with demands and trends. By holding Trademark and Copyright protection over brands, Global Wines is able to maintain full protection of the packaging, and therefore guarantee exclusivity on its entire portfolio.

The marketing team is responsible for hosting promotional and tasting events throughout our distribution territories. By encouraging consumers to try our exclusive brands and fine wines, we are working to create a market demand for our labels among every segment of the market.


Accounting_LogisticsAccounting & Logistics

As a full service wine importer and distributor, our goal is to ensure timely and efficient delivery of product to our customers and end consumers. By processing our own invoices, collecting payment and scheduling deliveries via Global Wines’ own vehicles, we are able to be more flexible with order minimums, deadlines, delivery dates, etc.

Our drivers provide unmatched professionalism and customer service when making deliveries and merchandising any store location.



National_Regional_SalesNational & Regional Sales

Our sales force works directly with retailers and edges out competition through the formation of personal relationships and by closely working with the customer. Global Wines sales representatives are reliable, who, at all times, remain loyal to the retailer and intelligent about the consumer. With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the wine industry, our sales team strategically and aggressively targets customers with an understanding of their market needs and inventory “wants”.

Several of our field representatives are Certified Wine Specialists and are able to speak and present at every retail level. Global Wines, though a relatively small organization, is able stand up against its competitors when presenting to major national retailers, and local family wine shops alike.

To inquire about any of our products or about becoming a third party distributor in your state, send us a message via our contact page.


CareersCareers at Global Wines, LLC.

Global Wines is always looking for enthusiastic, spirited individuals to join the team! We encourage all levels of experience to apply: Full-time / Part-time / Internships in Sales, Marketing, Merchandising, etc.

Wine experience is always a plus, but passion for sales and marketing is a must.