Wicked Wines



We are proud to present a line of wines inspired by the pride of the Northeast, the love of the culture and the special “language” New Englanders use.

Massachusetts is a state that’s deeply submerged in its culture and history.

Wicked Wines were branded in Boston, but are sourced from the vinicultural region of La Mancha, Spain; an area that is deeply rooted in culture and history. Our Spanish partner is a longstanding traditional winery with impressive up-to-date technology and automation that has provided us with an outstanding product.

WICKED good wine at a WICKED great value!

Wicked Wines have a very strong presence in Boston and it is seen all over the community. You will spot us at Boston Calling Music Festival, Boston Calling Block Parties, BostInno Events, Red Sox Foundation events, Gronk’s Gala, King Richard’s Faire and more.

Define your flavor @ www.wicked-wine.com and find out more about our brand and where to find us!